Eimers Insurance Agency

It’s fitting that the building Eimers Insurance Agency is housed in is an old home renovated for use as an office. Because that’s exactly how you feel when you’re there.

At home.

It’s not necessarily the funky bar stools you get to sit in when discussing policy options or the view of the kitchen cabinets you can see to the left. It’s the way everyone treats you, as if they know you – because, more often than not, they do. They’ve known you for years, have probably written policies for your parents and grandparents.

And if they’re meeting you for the first time, that won’t stop them from acting like they do know you. Which is a really, really good thing when you’re talking insurance because it’s their job to get to know you – and not just in terms of deductibles and co-pays and dependents, either.

Lonnie Klein and Misty Thomas (seated) with Bill, Karen and Boots Eimers.

Bill and Karen Eimers believe it’s their job to know their customers well enough to anticipate the kind of coverage their clients will need, based on a number of factors – factors only they can identify by getting to know their customers.

And, not to belabor the point, but they would know.

The duo has been in the business for four decades, starting Eimers Insurance Agency October 4, 1972 and now carry 2,200 accounts, representing more than 2,000 individuals, many of whom – yep, you guessed it – they can name.

Long-time St. Maries residents, Bill and Karen have raised a business and a family here and have laid down roots through activism and volunteerism. Bill was active in politics in the early 80s and is currently a member of the Masons and Shriners organizations.

And it’s clear their employees feel comfortable and taken care of, too.

Kim and Misty have worked for the Eimers for a combined three decades. And they are a big part of what makes the office feel so familiar; it is almost impossible not to talk about kids and grandkids and soccer or t-ball when stopping by the offices. It’s not just small-town talk, it’s “we know each other and genuinely care” conversation.

Usually in the comfort of those crazy bar stools.

Wanna learn more about their business or, more specifically, what they can do for you insurance-wise? Be sure to check out their site, Eimers Insurance. Or you can always, of course, just drop by.