Les Schwab

It’s no surprise that the local Les Schwab Tire Center plays a huge role in St. Maries’ success through community events and the several other volunteer organizations it contributes to.

It’s what the individual employees – and the business itself – are known for.

In fact, in a lot of ways, the business is modeled after small-town courtesy: The company won’t sell anything it can’t guarantee, it offers a multitude of free services with each purchases and – perhaps most important – customers are treated more like neighbors than a transaction. It’s a very simple philosophy, but one that could not be enacted without the local employees working for the tire store.

Les Schwab St. Maries, Idaho

The St. Maries store employs 15 people, several of whom who have worked here for decades. In fact, it’s not unheard of for someone to have been with the company for twenty years or more.  Additionally, Les Schwab has always had a policy of hiring managers from within, ensuring proper management and that the customer gets solid, quality service from every aspect of their encounter.

The employees do more than just sell tires though. They make promises – promises in service. The sale becomes a relationship and a promise that they will be there when you need them. This is evident in two of their most popular services: the Best Tire Value Promise and Peace of Mind Protection Plan, both of which go hand-in-hand.

The Tire Value Promise is a list of services that come with a tire purchase, and it’s not just a catchy phrase. In fact, the word “value” is putting it lightly. When you purchase tires through Les Schwab, you can expect to get a handful of free services that other shops either don’t offer or would charge you for; services such as tire disposal, flat repairs, tire rotations, re-balancing, road hazard protection, air checks, pre-trip safety checks and emergency road-side assistance.

The Peace of Mind Protection promise takes it one step further. It’s a guarantee that the company backs its work; if a tire is damaged, the folks at Les Schwab will replace the value of your tire. No questions asked. Kind of like what you’d do for a friend or neighbor.

Yet sometimes the help they provide comes in forms you wouldn’t expect.

Les Schwab and its employees believe that their jobs are more about selling and fitting safe tires, it’s about providing a service to the community. That’s why the company is involved in several forms of community outreach throughout the year, including the Benewah County Fair, Timber Plus, the Chamber of Commerce and just about every auction and fundraising function possible – of which there are several.

General Manager Gary Gertje explained that it’s always been the company’s philosophy to be highly involved in the community and support it.

That they do – and for those of us lucky enough to live here or to be able to visit, we get to see that philosophy in action when we pull into the store’s parking lot or when we participate in a community fundraiser.