Renaldo Land Surveying

As you can imagine, the office of Renaldo Land Surveying is overflowing with maps. Huge maps. The kind that require an industrial-sized printer to make.

What might be surprising, though, is how many soccer trophies line the shelves as well. Soccer is just as much a part of the Renaldo family as topography.

Chris Renaldo opened Renaldo Land Surveying in 1996 after moving to the area from the east coast. A soccer player from high school and through college at Paul Smiths in New York, he has coached St. Maries High School soccer since the SMHS boys team was formed in 2002 and values the relationships the position provides, both with the players and the community. He also coaches a club soccer program and takes the team to an ultra-competitive tournament in Europe every-other summer.

If you look at the office a little closer, though, you’ll find something else: Neatly tucked in between the trophies and maps are less obvious tokens of something much more important – family photos. Family is a motivating force for Chris, and even though all five of his children are grown and on their own, they still remain close.

Renaldo family

His two oldest daughters are married with children, one living in Alaska and the other in Lewiston. His son is studying at Boise State University alongside another daughter. And his youngest daughter is studying in Turin, Italy. The Renaldos get together as much as possible, and Chris jokes that when they do, more often than not, the kids usually end up at the office, helping run things.

Chris came to the area with an extensive surveying background, as he had been working in the industry since 1981. Since starting Renaldo Land Surveying, Chris has developed a relationship not just with the real estate agents, logging companies and famers but with members of the St. Maries community, largely because of his involvement in local charitable groups.

In addition to coaching high school and club soccer for more than a decade, Chris is also a member of the St. Maries Rotary Club and Timber Plus, a large group of locals who work to bring other businesses to the area.

Even though he divides his time between volunteering, coaching and family, operating a small business has always been something he has aspired to.

In fact, it’s in his blood: Chris’s dad, Joe, was a veterinarian and owned his own clinic.

Things such as these have a way of coming full-circle. Joe and his wife moved from New York and retired to the area, bringing with them opportunities for his son to hang a few more family photos on his office wall.