St. Maries Gazette Record

The walls of the Gazette Record’s office are lined with photos.

There are dozens of pictures of people smiling, laughing, playing and volunteering. The front room of the newspaper’s office shows the people of St. Maries participating; it is filled with the faces of a community.

Ours is a town of doers, and the St. Maries Gazette Record captures that weekly in its award-winning publication.

But the paper is more than that, which is evidenced by the collage of snapshots on the wall in the editor’s office. Candid family photos cover a corkboard and remind the grandfather of six of the importance of not just recording the news but of maintaining balance.

Alex Barta, Collin Scheel, Tyson Juarez, Oron Gilmore, Jamie Sloper, Cindy Hammes, and Dan Hammes.

Founded March 23, 1906 and purchased by Robert and JoJane Hammes in September 1958, the newspaper has adapted to the many changes brought on by the Internet and fast-paced real-time news. The Gazette Record was bought by Robert and JoJane’s youngest son, Dan, and his wife, Cindy in 1992 and still maintains the small-town community newspaper feel that the elder Hammeses established.

Although it is still published weekly, in many respects it operates as a daily, breaking news on its Facebook feed and keeping readers informed with its email service, the Blitz! and offering online news – and even more photo galleries – on its web site. The Gazette Record has embraced the new world of technology while staying true to its community-news roots, offering up-to-date news on issues that concerns its readers as well as interesting in-depth pieces about local personalities.

Internet Team installs, maintains and troubleshoots the Gazette Record Internet service.

Internet Team installs and maintains the Gazette Record Internet service.

In addition to using the Internet as a resource, the Gazette offers it to its customers. Since 1999, the Gazette Record has established itself as the strongest, most reliable Internet provider in the area. Check out their website here

Balancing the old and the new, the pin-pricked snapshots with the framed glossies.

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