Tri Peaks

Small-town stores just do things better, especially ones that focus on their small-town roots.

Like Tri Peaks in St. Maries.

Run by Brenda, Charlie and Richard, the communications dynamo has been helping its customers with a very specific approach to service: get to know their clientele and work with them based on their needs.

Which is a really good thing for their customers. 

Because not only do you get a huge variety of options – you get ’em from a friendly, small-town store where the owners take the time to talk with you while you shop and help you make decisions based on more than a decade’s worth of experience in the trade.

Tri Peaks

Brenda, Charlie and Richard operate Tri Peaks in St. Maries, Idaho.

Brenda and Charlie have lived in St. Maries for nearly four decades and opened Tri Peaks 14 years ago. In that time they have amassed a variety of personal audio supplies, computer accessories and video games and services.

They truly have something for everyone, from the tech-savvy to the gadget curious.

Aside from just supplying their customers with televisions, CB radios, prepaid cellular services – including cell phones, accessories and boosters – satellite phones, video games and personal audio equipment galore, the McCords actually know a thing or two about the products they sell.

Several things, actually.

In addition to running the shop, the trio also offers repair services for video games, can troubleshoot customer inquiries, and they service local business and public safety radios.

Just the kinds of things you’d expect from a service-oriented, mom-and-pop electronics shop.